Aerial photography and LiDAR scanning

High resolution aerial photography, LiDAR scanning, orthophotomap, oblique imagery and DTM/DSM using planes, helicopters and drones. Together wth our group partners we use the highest quality equipment: 8 planes, 3 large format cameras (Hexagon and Vexcel), 20 medium format cameras (PhaseOne), 3 LiDAR scanning systems (Riegl), 3 hyperspectral cameras (Neo), thermal cameras, drones.

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General cadastre

General cadastre services in cities and villages. Our team has an extensive experience in such complex projects that aim at the land book registration of all immovables in a given administrative territory or cadastral sector. We use GNSS technology, total stations and dedicated software solutions. 

GIS and data collection for utility networks

Geographical data collection, radio detection, control on spot and GIS data-base realization for electrical and gas networks. Data collection on electrical networks is performed with mobile systems composed of high resolution cameras (incl.thermal cameras) and GPS receivers mounted on 4x4 vehicles or helicopters, depending on network type. For the gas networks we use underground radio detectors and GPS receivers.

Field survey, cadastral documentations

Surveying assistance in construction sites, mapping, profiles and all the types of cadastral and surveying documentations for parcels and constructions.